Frequently Asked Questions

In the 20 years of my receiving questions and sending answers, here is a selection of the Most Frequently Given Answers. 

I have divided the information in General Questions (what is...?), Questions by Beginners (how to...?) and Technical Questions.

My Favourite Question

Sometimes, a question makes me smile … this one did:
How do I make an acceptable eye in the bird I have enamelled?

Have you ever really looked at the eye of a bird? If not, try to find out what a bird’s eye really looks like, from photographs or by observing the eyes of a caged bird. Then run some tests to see if you can find a way to show what you have found out.
Some suggestions that are often given are: just use a small dot in one colour, or take a bead and fill the hole with some enamel in a contrasting colour before adding the bead to your work, or simply use a small bead without bothering to fill the hole.

In my opinion the eyes formed from beads are better suited to fish than to birds, but that is a personal opinion.

Mechanical Bird, enamel painting on steel, 40 x 40 cms.

This bird flew to the USA where it has nested in the Enamel Museum  of the Woodrow Carpenter Enamel Foundation in Newport, Kentucky.

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