Enamels on Precious Metal Clay

Precious Metal Clay consists of microscopic particles of silver or gold (nowadays also copper or bronze) suspended in an organic binder. This results in a pliable material which looks and feels like modelling clay. It is easy to work with, and most of the tools needed for working with PMC may be found in your home.

Let me explain that PMC is a brand name; there are other brands, mainly differing in binders, and these may fire at somewhat different temperatures or need to be fired during a slightly different span of time. But the result after firing is always the same: fine silver.
Because there are various brands, it is nowadays mainly referred to as Art Clay.


ready for enamelling?

PMC (Art Clay Silver) is easy to enamel because it does not contain any copper and you do not need to deplete the material. But you must NOT put it in an acid bath for cleaning purposes for it is quite porous and the acid will enter into the pores and spoil the enamelling process. When clean, the metal should be burnished before enamelling it.

If you’d like to learn how to work with PMC, please contact me for more information. 



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