Enamels on Copper

Many of my enamelled art works are made on copper, just because I like the warm colour of this metal. Although I also work on silver (both sterling- and  Art Clay Silver), on steel, on aluminium and sometimes on bronze, I know that I shall always return to using copper.

Copper is the most popular metal amongst many enamellers because it is not very expensive, it may be cut or sawn or formed without much trouble and when heated without a coat of enamel it produces firescale (copper oxide) which may be used in the artist’s design. Firescale may be removed in places where it is not wanted.

Waiting for Happiness
Road to Heaven
Eye on the World

These three brooches are part of a series of works related to War and Peace.
They show the use of firescale in the sgraffito lines of the designs.
All three brooches were made with white opalescent enamel with a top layer of colourless transparent enamel.They measure 4 x 4 cm.
Shown at the third Biennial of Enamel Art, in Vilnius, 2009-12-21

I usually work on larger dimensions, and the series started out with wall
panels measuring  50 x 60 cm and 40 x 40 cm with titles such as ' Reaching
Out', 'Worlds United', 'Cake Walk', and ' High Time for Peace'. The series
was completed with several pieces of 'personal jewelry', reminding people
that all of us are responsible for Peace on Earth. ( these larger pieces were made on steel and will be shown in another section of this website.)

For some other pieces made on copper, please go to the Gallery.

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