Teddy Bears with a personal touch

Ellen with her favourite teddy bear, Japie

I have always been fascinated by teddy bears. They were my favourite toys when I was a child, and now I like to make batik paintings depicting them. I have also written articles about them which appeared in several weekly journals over the years. And nowadays I also like to make teddy bears, from a self-made pattern, for my young relatives and my little friend. Each teddy bear that leaves my house to go and live with a new owner, has a small personal touch added to it. 

Now that I have made close to 100 of my special Teddy Bears, I have decided to stop making them. In a way I am sorry that I had to make this decision, but I am very busy with (lots of) other things - as you may have gathered from this website - and most of my personal little friends now have their own bears anyway.

For some photos, please check the Gallery.

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