Ceramic Painting

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Design: Thompson, painted by Ellen

My parents owned a small but much treasured collection of Delft Blue pottery. Some of the items that I especially remember were a small vase which was often holding daisies or buttercups and a set of two lovely large plates with traditional Dutch designs which decorated the walls of our living room. 
I had never considered going in for Delft Blue painting myself but one day, when my husband and I had British visitors we decided to take them to Delft to see the famous potteries. It was then that I became fascinated by seeing how the blue underglaze was painted onto the biscuit (= once-baked) white clay  and I began searching for tuition in Delft Blue painting. When I found a course in Den Haag which was run by an official Delft Blue painter, I enrolled.

We were taught how to use the special brushes and how to paint traditional Dutch patterns. At the end of each session our products were baked in a pottery kiln. We were told to sign our works on the back, using a special emblem which showed that we were still under tuition at studio 'le Toton'. During this course, we also learned how to use underglazes in colours of our own choice. 

At the end of the course we could go up for an exam in which we had to show our accomplishments, painting special objects and traditional patterns, but also a personal piece of our own design in self-chosen colour. 

I like using this way of decorating pottery, making tiles and various objects, both in Delft Blue and in multy-coloured designs. The technique fits in with the other techniques I work in.
Below are some examples of my work, though I am sorry to say that I have not made many photographs of this branch of my work.

Traditional designs

Latest work

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