Art Clay

My first experiences with Precious Metal Clay, now many years ago when PMC had just come on the market, was -- to say the least -- not very interesting. At the time, I decided that this was NOT for ME … Since then, many new developments have brought new and easier to use products and as the firing time of the finished product came down drastically, my interest was reborn.

My first experiences with the new clay led me to contact the manufacturer and I decided to follow a course with Rio Grande. As my skill in working with this clay improved, I began to like working with it more and more. It was not long before I became an 'Ambassador of PMC' and a certified teacher.

About a year ago, PMC silver and PMC gold were joined by a new product, Bronze Clay. Again, this is in its starting phase. As it is, it is interesting to get to know it but the long firing time remains a problem.
Just now, Coppr Clay (Coppr stands for copper) has been added to the series of metal clays. For me, this is more interesting than the bronze clay as it has a shorter firing time and it will probably be much easier to enamel. Therefore, I have ordered some Coppr Clay and I shall keep you informed of my test results.

If you live in The Netherlands or are having a holiday over here, why not join one of my art clay workshops? You may contact me by email

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