Working with Precious metal Clay

by Tim McCreight
'50 projects, 25 tips, 10 tools to make'.
Brynmorgen Press
ISBN 1-929565-00-3

The author immediately sets the tone for this book: It will help you to discover what you can do with PMC. You are told that, by following the directions for the various projects in this book, you will learn specific skills and make some very nice things, but once you have 'the feeling' for the material, you may alter the designs to suit your personal style.

The book is divided into three sections.

Section 1 contains projects to develop your skills. Pendants, brooches, ear rings, buttons, rings, beads, charms, cuff links, small objects such as a box or a miniature tea pot... 50 projects in all. By the time you have finished this section you will want to know more..

Section 2 contains lots of technical tips which will help you in your work. I suggest that you keep this open while you are working on the projects of section 1. The first page covers Designing for PMC, it tells you all about the surfaces on which you may work, how to use slip or how to rehydrate some of your clay which may have dried out and many other things that you will find handy to know, such as smoothing edges or making holes. There is even a handy ruler to help you decide what size your work will have after firing, or how large your work must be before firing to get the size you want the finished object to have. I found this such a handy gadget that I copied the ruler and laminated it between two layers of plastic. But there are many more things that you will find handy.

Sections 3 is an eye-opener. What exactly do you need to start your workshop? Lots of things may be found around the house, such as cookie cutters or various textures that you may use to make patterns. One of my favourite tools is the extruder made from a length of brass pipe, combined with some nuts and bolts and a cake tip. The self-made tumbler is another.
I was pleased to find a page about health and safety as well as a table with melting points.The final pages of the book are taken up by an index.

This book is one of the best books for beginners that has come my way.


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